Bomb Legend: The Explosive Online Slot Game That Will Blow You Away!

Bomb Legend is an online game from JILI Gaming where you shoot monsters. The game will have a way to play similar to games where you shoot fish, but the fish will be replaced by demons so that you won’t get bored with the same style.

In this article, we will examine Bomb Legend more, explore its rules and regulations, and provide some tips and strategies for players looking to win big. Additionally, we will highlight the advantages of playing Bomb Legend at online casinos in the Philippines.

How to Play Bomb Legend 

Before we dive into the details of Bomb Legend’s gameplay, let’s take a look at the basics. This online slot fishing game features five reels and twenty paylines, with best ranging from as little as 0.01 to as much as 100 per spin. To start playing, select your bet amount and hit the spin button. The Bomb Legend symbols include a variety of bombs, as well as classic slot symbols like 7s, bars, and cherries. You’ll need to land matching symbols on the game’s paylines from left to right to win.

The Explosive Graphics and Design of Bomb Legend: One of the first things you’ll notice about Bomb Legend is its explosive graphics and design. The Bomb Legend features a bold red and black color scheme, with bombs and explosions appearing on the reels as you spin. The game’s symbols are beautifully rendered, with each bomb having its unique look and feel. The background music and sound effects add to the overall excitement of the game, making it a thrilling experience from start to finish.

Exciting Features and Gameplay

While Bomb Legend’s graphics are certainly impressive, the game’s features and gameplay set it apart. One of the game’s most exciting features is its Bomb Wilds, which can appear on any reel and substitute for any other symbol in the game. When a Bomb Wild appears, it will explode and turn all adjacent symbols into Wilds, creating even more opportunities for big wins.

Another exciting feature in Bomb Legend is the game’s Free Spins mode. You must land three or more Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels to trigger this mode. You’ll then be awarded up to 15 free spins, during which all wins are multiplied by 3x. If you land another three Scatters during your free spins, you’ll re-trigger the feature and receive even more free spins.

Bomb Legend Game Interface Features

Special Monsters

Goblin Bomber: After defeating the Goblin Bomber, it will drop a bomb. When the bomb explodes, monsters in the blast radius may be pushed back.

Medusa: Medusa’s Eye will appear after you defeat her, petrifying and damaging monsters in its zone.

Black Knight: To kill Dread knight, use Blade Aura to attack in the damage zone.

Special Weapons

Rocket Punch: When used, the fist will fly upwards from your position, penetrating and pushing back all monsters in its patch.

Mystery Chest: Open a Mystery Box to receive Rocket Punch or Mines.

Mines: The mine may be placed anywhere on the map and will damage monsters in a large area when it explodes.


Using the Axe deducts 5X bet value to launch a more powerful attack on the targeted monster.


Using the Hammer deducts 15X of your bet value to launch a hammer at the targeted monster. The Hammer will randomly strike other monsters on the battlefield near the targeted monster with lightning.


After you kill them, monsters may reanimate into Dreadfreaks. Kill the Dreadfreaks for a chance to win even more fantastic rewards (max 2X odds).

Fishing Game Special Weapons in the Bobm Legend. Lightning Spear

  • By firing at creatures, you switch up your energy. You can activate the lightning spear once the energy bar is full to do lightning damage to a sizable area in the center of the screen.
  • The size of the wagers made in the game is correlated with the amount of energy gained. The energy bar will be empty after using Lightning Spear.
  • The energy bar is cleared if you quit the game or are offline for more than 3 minutes.
  • Lightning Spear will automatically be activated if the energy bar has been fully charged for more than three minutes.

Big Wins and Bonuses in Bomb Legend: 

Of course, the real reason to play Bomb Legend is to win big. And with its generous payouts and bonuses, this game doesn’t disappoint. The highest-paying symbol in the game is the Bomb Legend logo, which can award up to 5,000 coins if you land five on a pay line. Other high-paying symbols include the red bomb and the green bomb, which can award up to 1,000 and 500 coins, respectively.

But the real excitement comes from Bomb Legend’s bonus features. In addition to the Bomb Wilds and Free Spins, the game also features a Pick Me bonus. You must land three or more Bonus symbols on a pay line to trigger this game. You’ll then be taken to a separate screen to choose from bombs to reveal instant cash prizes.


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