Sic-Bo: A Guide for Playing Table Games in Online Casino

Sic-Bo is a popular casino game that originated in China and is now enjoyed by players worldwide. It’s a game of chance that involves betting on the outcome of three dice. In recent years, Sic Bo online has become increasingly popular in the online casino world, and many online casinos in the Philippines now offer the game to players. This article will guide playing Sic Bo online in the Philippines, including the game rules, betting options, and tips for winning.


A simple dice table game based on luck is called Sic Bo. It would help if you placed your chips on the table’s bet box. You win if the roll’s result equals your wager after shaking the dice. Sic Bo offers many different stakes, each with its reward odds.

The objective of Sic Bo online is to guess the outcome of a roll of three dice correctly. The dice are rolled in a small cage or shaker shaken by the dealer. Once the dice come to a stop, the winning combination is revealed. Numerous betting options are available in Sic-Bo, each with its odds of winning. The most straightforward bet is to guess the total of the three dice. Players can bet on accommodations ranging from 4 to 17, with varying payouts depending on the number chosen.

Rules to Know in Sic Bo online

If all three dice display the same number in Small and Big, this is referred to as a triple, and both alternatives lose. You get paid off at even money or one times your stake when you win.

A double wager assumes any two of the three dice will come up with the same number. To do this, you must wager on either one pair of numbers or several pairs of numbers. Options include Double One through Double Six. The winnings are paid out at an 8x rate of the original wager.

A triple wager assumes all three dice will produce the same outcome. Either you can wager on all of the triples, or you can wager on a specific triple, like a Triple One or a Triple Five. The House is another name for this wager.

The payment for a successful Any of Triples wager is 24 times the initial wager, whereas the payout for a successful individual triple prediction is 150 times the initial wager.

The combo is a medium-risk wager made on the assumption that the throw will result in the appearance of two specific numbers. With a combination bet, the reward is five times the stake.

One single number will appear on the dice as a consequence of the roll, according to the single wager. The compensation is also based on how frequently the selected number appears.

The payoff is even money if the selected number for a Single bet appears just once. The reward is twice the wager if the chosen number occurs twice. Also, the prize is three times the initial wager if the selected number occurs three times.

Additional Rules:

  • You must stake money on the symbols on the table to play Sic Bo. Before the three dice are rolled, more than one wager may be made.
  • In a game of Sic Bo, players have various betting options. They include Little and Large, one of the most well-liked Sic Bo wagers. You can wager on either tiny or massive for this. Any sum between 4 and 10 is considered Little, and any total between 11 and 17 is considered Large.
  • You can also wager on the throw’s overall value, ranging from 4 to 17. When you win, you receive a reward that might go from 6 to 50 times your original wager. The probabilities for this are determined by the selected total and are often listed in the table.
  • While the numbers at the extremes, such as 17 and 4, have payouts of 50x, the numbers in the middle, such as 12, have payouts of 6x.
  • By making multiple bets on various areas of the Sic Bo table, you can reduce risk and increase your chances of success.

How to Play Sic Bo online

A three-dice roll determines the outcome of the ancient Chinese game of chance called Sic Bo. Furthermore, Sic Bo requires no complex methods or game plans you must learn before playing; you only need luck to succeed. Once you know how to read the table, the game becomes relatively simple and is one of the best ways to spend an evening at the casino. The four main phases of playing Sic Bo are listed below.

Put Your Money On

You must announce your wager before each play by setting your chips on the table area corresponding to the bet you wish to make.

The dealer throws a die.

The dealer will roll the three dice manually or automatically using an electromagnetic roller after all bets have been registered. Players cannot touch the dice, unlike most other casino games.

The Outcome

You can tell if you’ve won or lost when the dice eventually stop rolling. You will be compensated with the rewards listed on the table if you have.

Re-bet and give your luck a shot.

Now that you know how the dice rolled, it’s time to place your next wager and pray for good luck! In the end, it’s all about luck and enjoyment!

The Sic Bo game’s basics are pretty straightforward:

  • You place a wager.
  • The dealer rolls the dice.
  • If you’re lucky, you accurately predict the result.

You don’t have any control over the dice, so you only need to know the different bet kinds and their associated payouts. We will thus update you on all the information you need about the Sic Bo table in the following paragraph.


The objective of Sic Bo online is to predict the winning combination of three dice correctly. While the game is based purely on chance, numerous betting options offer varying payouts and odds of winning. Players should always recognize to gamble responsibly and enjoy the game for what it is, an opportunity to have fun and potentially win big.

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