PAGCOR: The Philippine Government’s Online Casino Regulator.

The Philippines’ online casino business has proliferated in recent years, with the government actively regulating the market. The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, PAGCOR is the country’s regulatory authority overseeing the operation of online casinos.

What exactly is PAGCOR?

PAGCOR is a government-owned and controlled business in the Philippines that supervises all forms of gaming. It was founded in 1977 by Presidential Decree No. 1067-A, with the mandate to “regulate and operate games of chance, including casino gaming, and to generate revenues for the government’s socio-civic and national development programs.”

Responsibilities of PAGCOR

PAGCOR is in charge of regulating and supervising all areas of the Philippine online casino sector. This includes licensing operators, ensuring that all games are fair and transparent, and enforcing rigorous anti-money laundering regulations.

PAGCOR collaborates closely with law enforcement to combat illegal online casinos outside the government’s regulatory framework. It can suspend or revoke the operators’ licenses that violate its regulations or participate in fraudulent operations.

The Advantages of PAGCOR Regulation

PAGCOR’s regulation of internet casinos has various advantages for players and operators. For starters, it makes confident that all games are fair and transparent, with stringent rules in place to prevent cheating or manipulation.

Second, PAGCOR’s rigorous anti-money laundering policies keep the Internet casino business from being exploited as a platform for unlawful operations including money laundering and terrorism financing.

Third, PAGCOR’s regulation contributes to creating a fair playing field for operators by guaranteeing that they all follow the same rules and regulations. This encourages healthy rivalry and innovation within the business, which benefits players in the long run.

The PAGCOR Licensing Procedure

Businesses that want to run an internet casino in the Philippines must first obtain a PAGCOR license. The licensing process includes several steps, including:

Application submission to PAGCOR, including all essential documents and payments.

Due diligence and background checks on the operator and critical individuals.

Examine the operator’s facilities and equipment.

The business plan and financial assumptions of the operator are evaluated.

PAGCOR’s board of directors approves the license.

Once a permit is issued, the operator must follow PAGCOR’s strict restrictions and requirements. Please do so to avoid the request being suspended or revoked.

PAGCOR’s Economic Contribution to the Philippines

The PAGCOR-regulated online casino business has grown to contribute to the Philippine economy substantially. In 2019, the industry earned roughly PHP 95 billion in revenue, employing over 138,000 Filipinos.

PAGCOR also gives a sizable amount of its profits to the government’s socio-civic and national development programs. It provided PHP 17.9 billion to several projects in 2019, including education, healthcare, and infrastructure development.


PAGCOR is an essential regulator of the Philippines’ online gambling industry. Its stringent restrictions and guidelines ensure that all games are fair and transparent and that operators follow strict anti-money laundering policies.

The licensing procedure is stringent, ensuring that only respectable businesses are permitted to operate in the country. The PAGCOR-regulated sector has grown to significantly contribute to the Philippine economy, donating a significant percentage of its money to the government’s socio-civic and national development programs.

PAGCOR seeks to encourage ethical gambling within the sector in addition to its regulatory responsibility. It runs a responsible gaming program that trains casino employees to spot and help problem gamblers. It also works with other government agencies and non-governmental organizations to raise awareness about the potential dangers of gaming and to aid those who may be suffering from gambling addiction.

About Pagcor

PAGCOR has received criticism from various quarters despite its essential role in regulating the online gambling industry. Critics claim that the business is still prone to corruption and that PAGCOR’s regulatory control is insufficient. Some have also questioned the industry’s social impact, citing worries about problem gambling and its potential impact on vulnerable populations such as minors and low-income people.

PAGCOR has made initiatives to enhance its regulatory system in response to these concerns. It implemented new regulations in 2020 that required operators to submit to more stringent background checks and due diligence inspections and maintain higher levels of capitalization. It has also boosted its efforts to encourage responsible gaming and improve awareness of the risks associated with gambling.

Finally, PAGCOR’s supervision of the Philippine online casino business has been a favorable development for players and operators. Its tight oversight guarantees that the industry runs transparently and fairly and that operators follow stringent anti-money laundering measures. PAGCOR contributes a considerable amount of its money to the government’s socio-civic and national development programs, making the industry a key contributor to the Philippine economy. While concerns about the industry’s social impact persist, PAGCOR has taken steps to tighten its regulatory structure and encourage responsible gaming. Overall, PAGCOR’s supervision of the online casino business has contributed to developing a robust and competitive market that benefits both the industry and the Philippine economy.

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